Begin your journey of discovery at Phoenix English Center, where life-changing opportunities await.

Phoenix ESL: Prep Course

Prep Course

Wondering where to begin your English language journey? Well, let's start with a simple "Hello." With the power of learning English, you can transform your life, no matter your current starting point!

Global Access 1 - An Open Door

For individuals with a foundational understanding of English, the next step is to excel at the basics. This course is designed specifically for those aiming to become job-ready. Embark on the journey of learning English, and witness the transformative impact it can have on your life!

Phoenix English Center: Learn English and Change Your Life

Global Access 2 - Life Skills

Emphasizing the paramount importance of relationships, Global Access 2 provides the means to share your life through meaningful conversations. Whether connecting on social media, through email, or in person, this platform facilitates full engagement and connection.

Global Access 3 - Grand Tour

Concluding our exploration, have you ever experienced the frustration of speaking English but feeling it lacks naturalness? With Global Access 3, you'll not only achieve fluency and spontaneity in expression but also acquire the skills to articulate yourself naturally and seamlessly.

How Does It Work?

Pre-course English Testing

First, we test you immediately so that we can determine what level you are currently at.

ESL Course Placement

Second, you are placed into one of our 4 courses based on your pre-course test score.

12 Week ESL Course

Third, you will then have 12 weeks of course training with one of our instructors.

Post-course ESL Testing

Fourth, upon completion of the course you are tested once again.

Next Semester ESL Course Placement

Fifth, you are placed into one of our 4 courses based on your post-course test score, with opportunity to continue learning.

ESL Course Certificate

Finally, upon successful completion of one of our courses you will receive a certificate of completion.

International English Language Testing System

Recognized by over 11,500 Organizations World-Wide

Our Next English Session Begins

January 7th, 2024


Meet Your Instructors

* ESPE stands for English Standard Proficiency Examination; "ESPE certified" means that a teacher is certified to test ESL students using ILETS Testing.
* ICEE stands for International Center for English Excellence; "ICEE certified" means that a teacher has been trained by the ICEE organization to teach ESL and utilize ICEE curriculum.
Phoenix ESL - Course Instructor

Richard Cao

Chinese H.S. Teaching Certificate
ESL Teacher Since 2005
B.A. of Art Linguistics

Phoenix ESL: Course Instructor

Stephanie Cao

TESOL  Certificate
B.A. of Art


Sam Foltz

ESPE Certified
ICEE Certified
B.S. Pharmacology


Jessica Foltz

ESPE Certified
ICEE Certified
B.A. Linguistics


George Binoka

TESOL Certificate
B.A. of Art
ESPE Certified
ICEE Certified


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Best Option

Phoenix English Center

  • Pre-course testing
  • Placement
  • 12 Week Course
  • Post-course testing
  • 4 Course Levels
  • Certificate of Completion

English Tutor Academy

  • 4 Week Course

Arizona Language Centers

  • 10 Week Course